Online/E-Contract Terms & Conditions

Gutter Cleaning Services

Address: Listed on Estimate Page

DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. Beginning on scheduled date(s), Paragon Home Solutions, will provide the homeowner or property manager listed on this contract the gutter cleaning services described in the Scope of Work section.

SCOPE OF WORK. Paragon Roofing, will furnish labor and/or materials for the following project at the above stated address.

Gutter Cleaning:

  1. We clean the debris from your gutters and remove it from your property.
  2. We then wash out your gutters.
  3. We then check your downspouts to be sure they’re clear.
  4. Lastly, we make sure we don’t leave any debris from the gutters or downspouts on your lawn

What is not included in the price:  Any work that needs to be performed above and beyond what is stated above.  If any work does need to be performed above and beyond what is stated in this “Scope of Work” section, the homeowner or property manager will be notified prior to any additional work being done.  If work needs to be performed above the scope of this section in order to complete the work that is included in the scope of this section, Paragon Home Solutions will notify the homeowner or property manager of the work that is needed, and the cost to complete the work. If this is agreeable to the homeowner, then Paragon Home Solutions will proceed to complete the work, so the work that is included in the scope of work, can be completed.  If the exact extent, time and material that is needed to complete the work that is above and beyond the scope of this section is not known, the work will be billed out by the time and material it takes to complete the work. We will never do additional work without prior authorization from the homeowner.



Order process and conclusion of purchase agreement
(1) The product presentation on our Website/Estimate does not represent an offer but shall be understood
as a non-binding invitation for the customer to submit an order.
(2) By clicking the “Pay” button, you send us a binding offer for the conclusion of a purchase
agreement with Paragon Home Solutions regarding the services listed on your invoice. (hereinafter
referred to as “Order”).
(3) Paragon Home Solutions may, at its discretion, accept or reject the Order. Paragon Home Solutions will accept your Order by
sending an order confirmation or simply by providing the services to you. Unless
otherwise stated, the effective date of the purchase agreement is the date on which Paragon Home Solutions
confirms by email the acceptance of your Order. In case of purchase on advance payment, the
purchase agreement is subject to the condition of and shall become binding for Paragon Home Solutions only
upon receipt of the full payment for the purchase of services.

If you place an Order through our Website or Invoicing software, the ordering process comprises three steps:
1. You select the desired service(s)
2. You check all items in your estimate/invoice and apply any necessary changes. You click the
“Pay” button to proceed to payment.
3. Finally, on the “Checkout” page, you select the preferred method of payment and confirm
your acceptance of the conditions that shall apply to the purchase. Here, you can again
change the invoice details, check your purchase data and return to the cart by clicking
“Back to invoice”. By clicking “Pay”, your Order becomes binding

With our order confirmation and/or delivery, we will send you a copy of the corresponding
Order, including the corresponding invoice, to your email address.

Prices, delivery costs, taxes and duties
(1) All prices quoted on our Estimate/Website are in US Dollars net, excluding taxes or charges that may apply to
the particular case.
(2) No delivery costs will be charged for the delivery of the services..
(3) In the event of obvious errors on the Estimat/Website or made in connection with your Order,
Paragon Home Services reserves the right to correct the error and charge you the correct price. In such a
situation, we will contact you and offer you the option of purchasing the services at the
correct price or cancelling your Order.
IV. Payment conditions
(1) You can select one of the payments methods described on the Estimate/Website.  Paragon Home Services reserves the
right to exclude or include particular payment methods at any time.
(2) In case of payment by credit card or ACH your payment will be executed by our
payment service provider Wave using their discrete secure infrastructure. Wave
reserves the right to decline the processing of payments in cases of suspected fraud or other
(3) If you choose “Prepayment” as payment method, we will send you an invoice including our
banking details by email. You shall be obligated to pay the amount due without delay in full,
including any bank charges for Paragon Home Solutions. Our acceptance of your Order in this case will be
subject to receipt of your payment.
(5) In the event of any payment delay, Paragon Home Solutions shall have the right to charge default interest in
the amount of 9.99% above the base interest rate of Federal Reserve Bank valid at the time.
In addition, you shall be obliged to compensate any reminder costs and collection expenses
that have been incurred due to the delayed payment.  Failure to make payment may result in a mechanics lien applied to your home.